About Us

Dog training is all about learning... our learning and our dog's learning.

Let Our Learning be Your Learning

Amanda Glickman, MSc

Having trained fish to falcons, Amanda has worked with a number of different species. Animal training has changed a lot since she trained her first dog, and for the better. As a cross-over trainer she's seen a number of methods come and go, and the power of positive reinforcement training has become her focus through both clicker training and games-based concept traiing.  To see Amanda's training credentials, click here.

Barry Glickman, PhD
Chief Snack Dispenser

Retired geneticist and overall supporter... over 400 peer-reviewed publications. Far too many creditials to list here... Barry brings a terrific critical eye to our approach and helps maintain sanity when things get crazy.

Salty (Gainspride's Ocean Salty Spray, 2007-2021)
Founder and Seasoned Adventure Dog

Salty was the founder to our philosophy. An avid traveller, Salty sailed and motored his way up and down the Pacific Northwest. He circumnavigated Vancouver Island, sailed to Alaska, visited the southern California desert, and everywhere in between. Mr. Easy going... he could convince anyone that they were an awesome dog trainer. Salty helped us to create Cruisin' Canines by pointing us in the right direction and providing a solid foundation.

Murphy (aka. 00K9)
Chief Training Assistant and Rodent Hunter 

Murphy is our demo dog and number one human trainer. He's the reason we got into the dog training biz. There's nothing like that one dog who challenges you with all the possible struggles, then shows you how it's supposed to be done!

The Rattos
 Arrangers of disorder and chaos and Clicker Experts

Yes... rats are smart... and fabulous teachers as well! They're really small dogs with much longer tails... commedians to brighten up a frustrating day, and teachers on how best to communicate with an animal without words. For those who wish to have a dog but can't due to life's circumstances, I cannot recommend enough the joy that a pet rat can bring to your life! Salty trained the rat boys so that they could train Murphy and other dogs that benefit from the experience of Barn Hunt - an extreme form of scentwork. Yes, they all have names and noted personalities, as they should. And they're instrumental in teaching all of us the foundation skills we need to be better dog and people trainers.